Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Study God in the cross of Jesus!

Oh, do not study God in the jeweled heavens- in the sublimity of the mountain- in the beauty of the valley- in the grandeur of the ocean- in the murmurs of the stream- in the music of the winds. God made all this, but all this is not God. Study Him in the cross of Jesus! Look at Him through this wondrous telescope, and although, as through a glass darkly, you behold His glory- the Godhead in awful eclipse, the Sun of His Deity setting in blood- yet that rude and crimsoned cross more fully reveals the mind of God, more harmoniously discloses the perfections of God, and more perfectly unveils the heart of God, and more fully exhibits the glory of God, than the combined power of ten thousand worlds like this, even though sin had never marred, and the curse had never blighted it. 

Study God in Christ, and Christ on the cross! Oh, the marvels that meet in it- the glory that gathers round it- the streams of blessing that flow from it- the deep refreshing shadow it casts, in the happy experience of all who look to Jesus and live- who look to Jesus and love- who look to Jesus and obey-who look to Jesus and embrace that blessed "hope of eternal life which God, who cannot lie, promised before the world began."

-Octavius Winslow from The Precious Things of God

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