Friday, May 20, 2011

Paul Tripp Quotes

I've been extremely encouraged by many of Paul Tripp's tweets, so I thought I would make a blog post about them.  Enjoy chewing on these!

Faith in God is more than believing the right things. It's living the right way because you believe the right things.

Love is more than being nice to people. It's loving God above all else so that you love people as he commands you to.

When you're defensive when a wrong is pointed out you are preaching to yourself an self-righteous anti-gospel that devalues the cross.

Tear up your wish list and throw it away, what God has planned for you is better than anything you've dreamed for yourself.

The sin of unbelief will always cause you to load onto your shoulders things that only God is able to do.

If the righteousness of Christ allows me stand before a holy God utterly unafraid, why would I be haunted by what you think of me?

Temptation is always a lie. It always offers what it cannot deliver. It promises life, but delivers death.

The opening of your eyes to see yourself with accuracy is one of the long-term projects of transforming grace.

You'll never find deep fulfillment of heart on the far side of rebellion. True rest of heart is always found in submission to the Savior.

Grace doesn't free you from the need to obey, grace frees so you are willing and able to obey.

The transformative power of grace will be one of the divine wonders that we will celebrate forever when eternity is our final home.

There's not a more God-honoring way to celebrate grace than to give yourself to live a joyfully obedient life.

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  1. Good stuff! I especially like the comment about being defensive and how it is tied to preaching a self righteous anti-gospel.