Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tweets of the Week Part 9

Beloved fellow-believer, wherever you are, wherever you dwell, God will be to you a constant place of refuge. @SPURGEONdotUS

The glory of God often shines brightest when we are in our darkest nights. @StephenMiller

Gospel irony: those freely forgiven of their sin make war against it while those enslaved to sin make peace treaties w/ it. @timmybrister

The gospel frees me to love the glory of Jesus Christ more than my own. That's very good news. @bkauflin

Though we'll desire more, even demand more, we won't need anythingn more than Jesus and what he chooses to give us today. @ScottyWardSmith

Friday, April 20, 2012

My New Favorite Hymn

When I first came across this ten verse Augustus Toplady hymn “Immovable Our Hope Remains,” I was significantly affected by the confident faith the lyrics expressed. I rearranged, rephrased, and trimmed down the hymn into four verses. Later on, my dad came across my lyrics on our piano and set them to a melody that tries to capture the triumph of the words. No matter how we feel, no matter how hopeless or unsure our future appears, no matter what lies Satan uses to weaken our hearts, our hope is immovable. Jesus is already in heaven, and we are in Christ! — Brittany Kauflin
This is from the CD "From Age to Age" by Sovereign Grace. 


Immovable our hope remains
Though shifting sands before us lie
The One who washed away our stains
Shall bear us safely to the skies
The floods may rise, the winds may beat
Torrential rains descend
Yet God His own will not forget
He’ll love and keep us till the end
You’ll love and keep us till the end 

This is eternal life: to know
The living God and Christ, the Son
The Savior will not let us go
Until His saving work is done
Our debt was great, as was our need
But now the price is paid
Who can behold Immanuel bleed
And doubt His willingness to save?
We trust Your willingness to save

The Lord acquits, who can condemn?
Though Satan’s accusations fly
His pow’r can never reach our names
To blot them from the Book of Life
The Son has surely made us free
His Word forever stands
And all our joy is knowing we
Are graven on His wounded hands
We’re graven on Your wounded hands

Built into Christ, secure we stand
For with His Spirit we’ve been sealed
By grace we’ll see the promised land
Where every sorrow shall be healed
To God who gave His only Son
To Jesus Christ, our Lord
To God the Spirit, Three-in-one
Be songs of praise forevermore
We’ll sing Your praise forevermore

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tweets of the Week Part 8

Promises kept. King crowned. Sinners rescued. Rebels made sons. @timmybrister

I'm the crowd who mocked, ridiculed, & screamed, "Crucify Him!" then stood by & let an innocent man die. @StephenMiller

Psalm 5 - prayer: might I walk through this day mindful that God hears, protects and provides for His children. @ZacSMartin

Jesus, on this Maundy Thursday, stun us with the full extent of your love for us that we might life more fully to your glory. @ScottyWardSmith

Whether today seems to go your way or not, it's always going God's way. He doesn't make mistakes. Trust Him. Proverbs 3:5-6 @Lecrae

God is not embarrassed of you. He really does delight in you. The cross is the biggest shout in the universe that. He. Wants. You. @JeffersonBethke