Monday, January 10, 2011

Loud Cheers, Biography, Congregational Prayer, the Next Generation, and the Glory of God (Did I forget the kitchen sink)?

Courtesy of Ryan Fullerton
Many Tuesday nights at my house include loud cheers and cries for more, really this can happen on any night of the week, but it often happens on Tuesday nights. What are we doing? We are reading biography. We are reading about Marie Monson being delivered from deadly Brigands in China. We are reading about Wilbur Teal praying and seeing his wife raised from the dead (don't worry I am still orthodox).
We are reading about great men and women of God who walked with an Almighty, Loving, Adventuring God. And when I go to put the books down, I hear intense pleading, "No Daddy, just one more, just another one, please, please, please!!!" The lives of men and women like George Mueller, Marie Monson, Wilbur Teal, and Daniel the Prophet put fire in our bones. Or as Rich Mullins put it, "Stories like that make a boy grow bold, stories like that make a man walk straight." I love reading Christian biography.
But the main reason I love it is because I want to live it. I want to walk personally and closely with God. If I get as depressed as Adoniram Judson did while he was a missionary to Burma then I hope God will do in my life what he did in Judson's. After the depression God began to move people from different parts of Burma to seek Judson so they could hear about salvation. Don't you long to see God do that again? When you hear that the prayer warriors in Charles Spurgeon's Church filled the boiler room don't you wan't to see God do it again?
Oh, and, well, that brings me to this Sunday. As I speak, seats for 300 people over 2 services are being set up. Prayer leaders are getting ready to lead us in prayer Sunday at 9:30 and 10:45. The Pastors have had sheets prepared for the congregation to help us pray for the Clicks, Asia, Garfield Ave, and our new Gospel Community Groups. Do you realize that for you to be encouraged by Spurgeon's prayer meeting someone had to go. For us to be encouraged by Judson's missions someone had to go, and someone had to pray? Won't you come this Sunday to ask of God to make your joy complete? Won't you come to leave a legacy to your children? Won't you come and ask God to do something in our midst that might make our great grand children marvel at the power of God? Won't you pray so that children in a living room one hundred years from now will hear how God answered our prayers and they beg for just one more story!

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