Thursday, January 27, 2011

Book Review: Samuel Morris:The Apostle of Simple Faith

Here is my book review for the biography of Samuel Morris, you can buy the book here.

This biography of Samuel Morris is a great example of what true living faith produces. Samuel was originally born in Africa; his family was a member of the Kru tribe, which was located in the forests of Liberia in Western Africa. Samuel's life in Africa is filled with suffering, fear, and hopelessness. Unexpectedly this young boy experiences the grace of God in the face of Jesus Christ. As you read the pages of this biography, you can't help but see the invisible hand of God watching over His young servant. Samuel, filled with new life in Christ, finds himself on a ship heading to America. Who would've thought that this young African boy would come to America, and have such a big influence for the kingdom of Christ? What about the life of Samuel Morris made him have such a big impact? I can think of at least four aspects of his life.

1)He was overwhelmed by what Jesus did for him. He realized that apart from the saving work of God in his life, he most likely would have died at a very young age, and worse would've been in hell, because of his sins. Samuel Morris is proof that if you do not have assurance of your own salvation story, you cannot possibly lead others to Christ. He loved to tell the story of the great salvation in Christ.

2)He believed in the importance of prayer. When you read this book, you do not go many pages without reading about Samuel spending time talking with His Father. Why? I think he realized how dependent he was on God for everything.

3)He considered others more important than himself. Here he especially followed in the steps of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. One example from the book, illustrates this point. Sam was just accepted at Taylor University, and was asked what kind of room he wanted, Samuel responded, "If there is a room nobody wants, then give that one to me." Also, he loved to share the love of Jesus with others; he cared about their eternal welfare.

4)He trusted God. His life was filled with unshaken confidence that God would take care of him in every aspect of his life.

After reading this biography, you begin to realize the possibilities of the Christian life. Samuel lived twenty years, yet he did more than maybe anybody in such a short period of time. Read this book! Read this book! And be challenged, be encouraged, and then join in singing Samuel's favorite hymn which so marked his life: "Fade, fade, each earthly joy. Jesus is mine, Break every tender tie, Jesus is mine!" 

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