Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Great Paul Tripp Quotes

These are all from Tripp's Twitter:

Grace means that in your darkest moment of sin you can run to God and not away from him.
Sin offers you hope, but leaves you on your own. Grace shatters that hope, then gives you all the help you'd ever need.
Sin leads you to death, while it promises you life. Grace demands your death, but delivers eternal life.
Sin is a tyranny, obedience is a liberty and grace transports you from one to the other.
Grace releases you from your slavery to the shadow glories of the creation so that your heart can be consumed by love for the Creator.
You don't have to wonder if somewhere down the road you'll have what you need. The cross has already delivered everything you'll ever need.
Today you'll be tempted to insert yourself in the center of your world or by grace will you live for a Glory greater than your own?
You have to be willing to accept the worse news ever (your sin) in order to receive the best news ever (God's grace).
The deceit of sin keeps you from having the accurate view of yourself that you think you have, that's why you need the mirror of God's Word.

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