Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tweets of the Week Part 5

Seeking God's will for your life can be a big distraction from seeking God Himself. You cannot know God and miss His will. 

Be not condemned by the ways God doesn't use you, but surprised at the ways He does! Mark Dever

Whether or not we believe it, see it or seize it, there will be enough of God's grace for this day. God does not lie. Scotty Smith

If you abandon all this world offers and follow Jesus, you will have more than you could ever dream. And it will last forever. Lk. 18:28-29  Trevor M.

Happiness is found only in holiness, and holiness is only in keeping God's word. Psalm 119:8-18  Jesse Johnson

We exist, for nothing less, than to enjoy the glory of Jesus. Jeff Medders

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