Friday, February 10, 2012

DVD Review: Courageous

Courageous written by Alex and Stephen Kendrick is a powerful film about the preciousness of life, the consequences of bad choices, the responsibility of fathers, the hope of forgiveness, and the opportunity to glorify God by serving others.

It is action packed throughout with funny and heartbreaking moments that will make you laugh and cry. The main theme is how God works for good in situations that just don't make sense to us.

The targeted audience in this film is fathers. However, everyone should see this, even though the main message is for dads. It is filled with important life lessons that we are all sure to face at some point in our lives.

I'm guessing many of the people that will see this movie are Christians. But I'm praying right now that many non-Christians will see this movie as well.

As the movie repeatedly states, "You must get right with God first, before you do this..." There is no way we can watch this movie and start obeying God on our own. The first step is to admit our sin and trust in Christ. Everything else flows from that. 

I am not a father, but I hope to be one some day. This movie made me think about the weighty responsibilities of being a dad and how hard it is to follow Christ in this sinful world. It dropped me to my knees, helplessly begging God to help me. I believe it will do the same to you!

Thanks to everyone who made this movie possible. And all glory to Jesus Christ! 

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