Thursday, January 5, 2012

Will We Die Alone?

One of my favorite bands has a song that just recently came out. This band is not Christian at all, but there are some things to take away from the song from a biblical perspective.

Everyone lies and cheats their wants and needs and still believes their heart.
And everyone gets the chills, the kind that kills when the pain begins to start.

Notice everyone is the key word for us in this part of the song. Sin is such a universal malady that even a non-Christian band can recognize the utter depravity of every single person's heart (Romans 3:23). We all love ourselves and will do anything to make us look better.
I'm not exactly sure what is meant by "the chills" but I think it means that everyone recognizes that things are not right. Everyone has some sense that we must do something to fill the void that is in our hearts. So we try to fill it by success, money, fame, human approval, pleasure, etc.

Everyone raises kids in a world that changes life to a bitter game.

Here we see the absolute miracle of life and the happiness of it. But notice that this world tends to eat away at us and changes life from happiness to bitterness. Human beings, apart from the grace of God, end up depressed, angry, bitter, and unloving (Romans 1:29). To the point that life just becomes a pointless game.

And everyone lives to tell the tale of how we die alone some day.
Notice everyone realizes they will die someday. It is obvious. Everyone will reap what they sow. But the word alone caught my attention. This is not exactly true of the Christian. Yes we will die alone in one sense; but Christ took our place, he died our death! (Romans 6:8) Therefore we have hope that we will stand the judgement of God against sinners because our Lord Jesus bore our sin and nailed it to the cross.

It grieves me that there is so much hopelessness in this world. Alas, we can only pray that people will realize the value of Jesus Christ for their souls.

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