Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Paul Tripp Quotes Part 7

If you can't earn God's favor, then you're freed from trying. Now you're free to admit your sin and run to God for the help you need.

Whatever commands your hope will control your heart and what controls your heart will direct your words and behavior.

You and I actually control very little in our lives, that's why the truth of God's sovereign rule over all things is such a comfort.

Today you will be tempted to buy into the delusion that you're smarter than God; that your way is better than his way.

The scary deception of sin is that at the point of sinning, sin doesn't look all that sinful.

As creator and controller of all things, God has a better sense of what you need than you ever will. It's wise to listen to him.

Be warned, it's easier to see your neighbor's need for grace than it is to admit and embrace your own.

I still need to be rescued from me because as long as sin remains I'll be drawn to desire, think, say and do what God names as evil.

Could there be a greater comfort known to man than these six hope-giving words, "Your mercies are new every morning"?

Lasting hope is always found vertically; all the horizontal places you'd look for hope are, like you, broken and groaning for redemption.

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