Saturday, July 9, 2011

God's Gracious Restorings

This is an excerpt from Octavius Winslow's book, "The Precious Things of God". All of us believers, at one time, or another have gone through seasons of spiritual decline. We spend less time than normal in the Word of God being refreshed, we spend less time talking with God in prayer, and we spend less time in sweet fellowship with the saints. Let Octavius Winslow's words refresh your soul, as he did mine:

"In circumstances of spiritual relapse, how precious does Christ become, as the Restorer of His saints, as the Shepherd that goes in quest, of His stray sheep, and brings it back to the fold with rejoicing! How unspeakably dear is the Savior to the wandering yet restored heart! 

Our backslidings are perpetual and aggravated, our affections fickle and truant, our faith fluctuating, our love waning, our zeal flagging, our walk often feeble and unsteady; but Jesus does not withdraw His eye from His own work in the soul, and never for a moment loses sight of His stray-going sheep. 

Ah, there are few aspects of the work of Jesus more precious in the experience of the saints of God than His divine and gracious restorings. "He restores my soul," is a declaration of David which finds its response in every believer. Precious, then, is that Savior who breaks the heart, checks its waywardness, restores its wanderings, heals its backslidings, rekindles its love, and once more wakes its languid, silent chords to sweetest harmony."

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