Thursday, March 17, 2011

Commentary Review: 1 Samuel by Dale Ralph Davis

Dale Ralph Davis’ work in this commentary on 1 Samuel has simply been a great blessing to me. As a relatively new Christian the Old Testament has often been tough for me to get into, after reading this commentary, however, the Old Testament book of 1 Samuel has come alive to me. Davis divides this commentary into three parts: Part 1 is called a Prophet from God’s Grace (Chapters 1-7), Part 2 is a King in God’s Place (Chapters 8-14), and Part 3 is called a Man after God’s Heart (Chapters 15-31). After reading and highlighting all over the place I decided to write on a note card what I learned after reading this work, and I want to share some of them, as they will cover some of the major themes of 1 Samuel.

God’s work is often quiet (1 Sam. 2).
God for his people acts with judgement and mercy (1 Sam.4).
Yahweh’s interesting and imaginative ways of deliverance calls forth praise from us (1 Sam. 19).
Yahweh’s protection is completely unknown to us often (1 Sam. 25).

If you are someone who is scared of commentaries this one by Davis will not scare you. You will be able to tell by the first chapter that he does an excellent job explaining the text, illustrating the text, and applying the text for everyday life. Davis most importantly does draw out of the text the glories of Christ in a way that makes you so grateful for our great Savior.

I agree with Eric Alexander, who said this on the front cover, “The best expository commentary I have read in years.” 

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