Friday, May 11, 2012

Tweets of the Week Part 10

No one, no thing, no time, no place, will be more glorious than seeing the face of Jesus Christ. @bkauflin

How Jesus forgives sin: Condemns it, carries it, cancels it, kills it, casts it, and clean forgets it. If we'll confess it. @jaredcwilson

For a guy to say he doesn't struggle with lust is a double-sin... Because he's lusting AND lying.  @WhiteFlagXP

If you're God's child you need to know that no dark thing in you is a surprise to the One lived, died and rose to be your Savior. @PaulTripp

Religion tells us to try to buy right-standing with God with good works. Gospel says God bought right-standing with us with His son's blood. @StephenMiller

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