Thursday, October 13, 2011

Paul Tripp Quotes Part 2

These are all from Tripp's Twitter. He usually has three every day. Good reminders to chew on:

You've not been left to secure your own future because God in grace has secured an end to your story more glorious than you can grasp.

Corporate worship is designed to remind you that no matter how brilliant or regrettable your track record is, it's grace in which you stand!

We never get the freedom and long-term satisfaction we thought self-rule would bring. Ignoring God is never a pathway to blessing.

The Bible is not about learning how to be likable in God's eyes, but how God in grace rescues and forgives otherwise unlikeable people.

You stand in the right because grace atones. You desire what is right because grace transforms.You do what is right because grace empowers.

We lose sight of what's truly important in life. The resurrection of Jesus and our future resurrection tells us what's important.

God questions us, "Why spend money on what's not bread and labor on what doesn't satisfy." Sadly, many of us do that day after day.

What makes eternity wonderful is that God is restored to his rightful place at the center of all things.

Sin causes us to forget God and live as little self-sovereigns, wanting to reign for our own glory. For this there is the grace of Jesus.

When we ask now to give us what only eternity can give, we end up driven, frustrated, discouraged, and ultimately hopeless.

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