Thursday, June 23, 2011

Look and Live!

Any true Christian will confess that living the Christian life is not easy. Period. We have to deal with our own flesh, corrupt as it is, yet we also have a raging enemy around us in the devil. And to top it off we have this ungodly world influencing us against Christ every day.

What do we do? Where do we look for motivation? Where do we look for freedom and peace?

Well, one thing I've been blessed to learn from others is that the Christian life does not grow out of the cross of Christ. In other words, after conversion we don't just leave the cross behind. Rather, we grow and are revived the more we learn about what Christ did for us on that tree. 

I truly believe if the church would simply learn more about the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we would see remarkable growth in and outside the church.

Tullian Tchividjian explains how Christians grow, " Sanctification is the daily hard work of going back to the reality of our justification–receiving Christ’s words, “It is finished” into new and deeper parts of our being every day, into our rebellious regions of unbelief.  It’s going back to the certainty of our objectively secured pardon in Christ and hitting the refresh button a thousand times a day."

The church of Jesus does not need new topics to study, the church does not need new people with flashy speaking to attract people, no the church needs to go back to that blood-stained monument of the cross of Christ. 

So, look to the cross of Christ, look at his obedient life for you, look at his death for you, look at him rising for you, and go live likewise. 

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